Farming in the Face of COVID-19: An Interview with Heavenly Roots Farm

Farming in the Face of COVID-19: An Interview with Heavenly Roots Farm

Double rainbow over Heavenly Roots Farm

BC seed growers Ben and Kaleigh from Heavenly Roots Farm talk tourism and the importance of buying local as they share the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced from their farm on Salt Spring Island. Another behind the scenes look at how we’re farming in the face of COVID-19.

What is a significant change you've faced on your farm over the past few weeks?

Our farm continued to grow as much as we had planned in February, before the COVID-19 outbreak. With changes to farmers market protocols, and reduced tourism, we are seeing that getting our food sold is a bigger challenge than growing it. 

What is one thing you need the community to understand right now? 

Going to greater lengths to access local food is necessary to keep farmers reliably selling what they grow this year. Buy local at the grocery store, demand more local produce where you shop, attend farmers markets even if the spirit is different, and join a CSA to get fresh food weekly. 

What is some good news or small joy to tell us about?

We have never felt so appreciated or in demand. Our community responded to our CSA offer in record time, and we grew the group twice as large as we had thought we would. 


To learn more about Heavenly Roots Farm visit their website or connect with them on Facebook @heavenlyrootsfarm and Instagram @heavenlyrootsfarm

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