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F2 Striped/Gold Beet Mix CO

F2 Striped/Gold Beet Mix CO

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Beta vulgaris

Interested in planting a breeding project? Most gardeners and farmers would rather know what they will harvest when purchasing seeds, however many of us plant rainbow chard or salad mixes. This beet seed is similar. The population, while not consistent in colour, are fairly uniform in shape and harvest windows. Plant a row and harvest striped, gold, red, and anything-in between beets from just one planting. This project started by crossing two of our favourite varieties from the BC Seed Trials in 2016. We will keep you posted as we develop a new future beet variety, but invite anyone to take what we have started and develop your own…. or just plant a row and harvest a plethora of multi coloured and patterned beets.

Certified Organic

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