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Spinacea oleracea

Large, deeply crinkled, dark green leaves. Fresh flavour and slow to bolt. Direct seed early, may not germinate if soil is too warm. 50 days. 

Certified Organic

Approximately 200 seeds (~3.1g) per packet 


Growing spinach
Spinach prefers a fertile soil with high organic matter (compost) and a pH range of at least 6.0, but preferably 6.5–7.5. Germinates best in cool soil and can be sown as soon as the ground can be worked. Sowing every 7-10 can ensure a continuous supply. Summer sowing with soil temperatures over 85°F/ 30°C likely won’t germinate well.  Sow in mid-to-late summer for a fall harvest and continue sowing if winters are mild and you can offer some protection in a greenhouse or under reemay/floating row cover. Consistent watering at any time of year helps spinach thrive. Spinach can also be started indoors and transplanted. For baby spinach, sow 3–5 seeds/inch, ½” deep, in rows at least 2" apart. For bunching and full size sow 1-3 seeds/inch in rows 12–18" apart.

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