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Allium sativum ophioscorodon

Type: Hardneck

Group: Porcelain

When to Plant: 4 to 6 weeks before soil freezes. In warmer regions, planting ranges from late September/early October until the last week of November.

Harvest Season: Mid

Every once in a while, under certain conditions that are not really fully understood, garlic will mutate. Majestic is a recent mutant that has been nurtured by the Ontario garlic guru Paul Pospisil. Starting out as a rocambole it had mutated into a porcelain. Interesting story and well adapted to the west coast climates. With large, but less cloves per bulb, these often mean less peeling. In combination with their strong flavour and heat profile it is often people's favourite for this practical culinary reason.

Grow: Easy to grow, well suited for colder climates and drought. A great pick for growing over cold winters.

Flavour: Strongest hot and long lasting flavour. Use this spicy garlic in stir-fries, curries and anything you want to have a strong garlic flavour. Big, juicy double loop scapes so get ready to pickle and pesto your heart out. Check out some great garlic recipes here.

Seed specifics: ~7 cloves per bulb

Please make sure you are ready to plant some garlic this season before submitting your order.

Purchase 10 bulbs for best shipping rate per bulb! Don't forget if it's more than you need, seed garlic can also be enjoyed as culinary eating garlic

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