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5 Actions to Build Seed Community

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A strong local food system begins with good seed. Here are actions you can take to help build and strengthen a seed community near you:

1. Know Your Seed Grower

2. Learn and Grow

  • Tap into training resources

  • Grow your own sourcing local seed

  • Participate & share your experience – Check out Citizen Seed Trials helping to bring “growers of all scales into the seed conversation”

3. Put Yourself on the Map

  • Add your name to the Community Seed Network directory. It’s free for non-commercial use for anyone who wants to save seeds and/or connect with their “seedy” community

4. Tap in Locally

  • Check out seed libraries and Seedy Saturday/Sundays – find out what is happening where you are and what support is needed

5. Build the Conversation

  • Tell your friends, family, and favourite stores why local seed matters

  • Follow organizations on social channels, ask questions and join the conversation with hashtags like #bcseedstories

We hope this inspires you to get involved in building seed community around you. Stay connected with us through your seed journey, on Instagram and Facebook!

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