About Us & Our Seeds

We are a producers' co-operative growing and providing 100% BC-grown vegetable, herb, flower, and grain seed that is ecologically grown and certified organic, open-pollinated, regionally selected, and GE-free. All our seeds are grown by our members on farms across the province.

Our mission is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of ecological and organic seed grown in BC. From packets to bulk quantities, the co-op has seeds for all growers.

For more about our seeds and practices see here.

Why does this matter? Local, organic/ecological seeds are good for the planet, the local economy, and regional food diversity and security. Organic seed offers broad public benefit, including minimizing environmental impacts, supporting the success of the organic food industry, and bolstering regional food diversity and security (State of Organic Seed, 2016. Organic Seed Alliance.)

We actively strive to educate and demonstrate that seed sovereignty is an essential part of sustainable bioregional and global food systems. We see a co-operative as a powerful model to work together as farmers to: 

  • Pool resources and infrastructure for cleaning and marketing seed
  • Support on-going educational opportunities to better produce seed in the quantities farmers need, and to a level of quality that they can trust
  • Promote our members encouraging the cross pollination of ideas, support and collaboration as well as creating networking opportunities for regional seed producers.

By supporting us, you are not only supporting this small business and the business of all our farmers but you’re also supporting the local economy and food system. As a co-operative we follow the seven cooperative principles including democracy and concern for community, while taking a triple bottom line approach to business putting concern for people and the planet at the forefront. 

How’d the Co-op Start?

In 2012 a handful of farmers, who happen to love seed saving, had the idea that together we could make our seeds available to the larger community of farmers and gardeners across BC. Rather than each starting our own small seed companies we saw the co-operative business model as a powerful way to achieve greater farmer cooperation and, along the way, support and learn from each other while changing the seedscape of the province. Following this, a core group of producers and supporters participated in fundraising, research and development to lay the foundations of the BC Eco Seed Co-op which officially incorporated at the end of 2014 after a full year of dedicated work led by members and allies from the community. The BC Eco Seed Co-op was born and continues to grow, learn, contribute and deepen our work as a seed company and a voice in the BC seedscape. We are grateful for the contributions from all of our supporters.

Who are the Co-op's Members?

See our current members here and learn more about specific members here.