Ordering & Shipping

Order Processing Time

Current fulfillment time is ~1 week from date of order placement. We're constantly working as fast as we can to fulfill and ship orders as soon as possible in the order they were received. Customers will receive an email notification when the order has shipped from our base in Aldergrove. Thanks for your patience and support for our seed and seed growers!


US Orders

In March 2023 we started shipping to the United States. We send all our US orders by tracked packet and they tend to take about two weeks to arrive.

According to the USDA, most seeds require an import permit to be brought into the US and the permit is free and useable for multiple orders/years. Our package will list the order as "Garden Seed" with the Tariff Number included. From the experience of our seed grower members, most small orders of seeds make it across the border just fine, but it is always possible they could be held at Customs.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required import permit and we will not be responsible for seed orders held at US Customs. 

Note: We do not ship garlic seed to the US.


Shipping & Handling Fees

Our shipping and handling fees vary from $6 for small orders to $30 for large orders calculated at checkout. An average order ($25-$40 value with a range of lighter and heavier seeds) is usually between $7-12 dollars. Handling is what happens behind the scenes in our co-op and a stamp on an order doesn't capture that! We appreciate our customers trust that rates are calculated as affordable as possible and true to cost.

All US orders are shipped using tracked packets through Canada Post and USPS.


Seed Garlic Shipping

Seed garlic requires special handling and will be shipped as a new order with the applicable shipping and handling charge applied. 


How do I place an order?

  • Browse through our products on our website and be sure to check out the collections under "vegetables".
  • Click on any item to read more, check the variants available (using the drop down menu under "size") and add desired items to cart.
  • To finalize your order, go to "Cart" (top right corner) and enter the required information. Use the field "add a note to your order" in the lower left if there's anything you'd like to communicate to us.
  • Click "checkout" to proceed to payment and entering any discount or gift card code.

As a small business we only accept orders via our website at this time. BC Eco Seed Co-op does not have an exclusive business phone number, if there is a barrier for you placing an order online send us an email and we’ll ensure an order can be placed: orders@bcecoseedcoop.com


Can I change my order?

Once an order has been placed, we cannot add, modify or subtract items. If you would like additional items not included in your original order, please place a new order. We are unable to combine separately placed orders. An exception may be considered in extreme circumstances that impact commercial farmers,  please contact us if this is the case: orders@bcecoseedcoop.com.


Do you offer the option to pick up?

We no do not have a public storefront and are unable to accommodate pickup orders or onsite visits at this time.


Do you charge sales tax?

Small packets of garden seeds sold to consumers are taxable. Flower seeds are also taxable because these seeds are not used to produce food for human consumption. For more info see the CRA page here.


Can anyone order bulk seeds?

Yes! Our aim in providing bulk variants is to have quantities of seed available for farmers who need larger volumes. However we do not limit bulk variants and any customer is welcome to purchase seed at the variant they need pending inventory availability. Use the “size” drop down menu on any product to see what variants are available.

If you're purchasing our seed with the intention to resell we strongly encourage transparency on where the seed came from and the farmers who grew it!



We encourage feedback on how our seeds perform for you! Let us know what grows well or anything that disappoints you. We guarantee that every seed lot we sell is germination tested and has been found to meet or exceed industry and federal germination standards. Should you find that any of our seeds under perform for you, please let us know and we will work to replace, refund or credit the product within the year the product was purchased. We are working to add more resources on successful seed starting, on the whole storing seeds in a cool, dark place until you're ready to plant, using good quality potting mix and providing adequate amounts of light, water, and consistent temperatures will help ensure success.


Any tips for ordering this year? Do you anticipate seed shortages?

Getting an order in as soon as possible is recommended, and we encourage you to be flexible where possible and try a new variety, watch for suggestions in product descriptions. 

We’re working hard to ensure supply but may experience seed shortages limiting the availability of some varieties. We will be working to continually add varieties throughout the year and while we still have a great selection of seeds available, for the most part any seeds listed as “Sold Out” will not be restocked this season. If you’re on the fence about adding to your cart it might be the moment to grab it!

We appreciate customers purchasing in the quantity needed while being mindful of ordering only what you use. As we develop our resources check out the excellent seed order formula post from our friend Dan Brisebois here, and Johnny’s Selected Seeds planning tools and calculators here.


Need help?

If you need support or have a special request, please send us an email at info(at)bcecoseedcoop.com also check out our FAQ here.