Full Circle Seeds

2015 celebrates 22 years of growing and selling seeds from Full Circle Seeds! You will find among their seeds many heritage varieties selected by generations for their excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe – prized by chefs from our best restaurants. More than 99% of Full Circle Seeds are grown at  ALM Organic Farm in Sooke and are certified by Islands Organic Producers Association (IOPA).

Full Circle Seeds are:

  • Certified Organic meaning the plants these seeds came from have been grown without any herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers and are naturally healthy and robust
  • Locally Grown and Adapted meaning our seeds are grown by our farm and are from plants that have adapted to flourishing in our climate, soil conditions, and ecosystems
  • Open Pollinated meaning if properly isolated from other varieties in the same plant species, you can save the seed yourself and it will come true year after year.
  • Not Genetically Modified
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