Farming in the Face of COVID-19: An Interview with Good Earth Farms

Farming in the Face of COVID-19: An Interview with Good Earth Farms

Trimming lettuce seedlings

For the next feature in our Community Resilience series looking at BC Seed Growers, we're going behind the scenes with Simon from Good Earth Farms. Read more as Simon shares the highs and lows of their current experience, from their farm on Vancouver Island. Photo repost from @good_earth_farms. 

What is a significant change you've faced on your farm over the past few weeks?

The most significant change on our farm was setting up and running an on-line store. Heather is more tech-savvy, but myself, I am a card carrying luddite. I can learn but generally it takes time and this all happened very fast. Shows what you can do if you are forced to though!!

What is one thing you need the community to understand right now? 

The most important lesson I would like people to learn is that as a society we should value the little people more. The whole food system from farm to plate is littered with under appreciated, poorly paid, high risk and generally poorly treated folks. That is the cost of cheap food.

What is some good news or small joy to tell us about?

To me the best news is that this is what life should look like more and more. Climate change is upon us and we simply will not survive without a major shift in actions. As organic farmers we are at the leading edge of that change. I have never been more proud to be a farmer and of the work we all do. We are very happy that we decided to focus our farming efforts more on seeds and that we joined the BC Eco Seed Co-op!!! It is more important than ever for farmers to support each other and at times like this it is nice to have a group that has your back!!


To learn more about Good Earth Farms visit their website or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram @good_earth_farms

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