Quality Assurance Statement on Seed Garlic

Quality Assurance Statement on Seed Garlic

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BC Eco Seed Co-op is delighted to offer seed garlic from Shirlene Coté and Michael Nyberg of Earth Apple Organic Farm. Shirlene and Mike are proud of the quality of their garlic and consider quality assurance at every step. Growing good seed garlic starts with picking out the very best of their own seed to plant in the fall.

All of their garlic has been grown out from bulbils, which they do every 5 years for disease control purposes. They then take extreme care in the field to manage pests, weeds and disease with regular inspections and good nutrient applications based on soil tests taken before planting. They soak their garlic in rubbing alcohol before planting to eliminate any pests, viruses or fungus before planting. Following harvest, Shirlene and Mike take great care of each and every bulb, again inspecting and sorting the very best to offer as seed garlic and save for future planting on their farm. Additionally they send samples of each variety that they sell to the Ministry of Agriculture to test for pests and disease.

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