Seed Podcasts to Sow, Grow, and Harvest to!

Seed Podcasts to Sow, Grow, and Harvest to!

Looking for some great seed related podcasts to sow, grow, and harvest to? Check out our growing list highlighting some of our favourite episodes! 

AnthroDish: Seed Keeping and Land Sovereignty with Tiffany Traverse of 4th Sister Farm (Episode 86)

Eat this Podcast: The Culinary Breeding Network

Farmer to FarmerFrank Morton on the Patience of Seeds and the Art and Craft of Plant Breeding (Episode 147)

For the WildRowen M White on Seed Rematriation and Fertile Resistance (Episode193)

Gastropod: Seeds of Immortality

Grain on the Brain: Plant Breeding

The Native Seed Pod: Seed Rematriation

Open Source Seed Initiative: Free the Seed!

Organic BC Podcast: Seed Production Basics: Sal Dominelli of Sweet Rock Farm

Racist SandwichPlanting Seeds Among Concrete with Wanda Stewart (Episode 27)

The RuminantBreeding for Better Flavour and Row 7 Seeds (Episode 98), Participatory Plant Breeding (Episode 110)

Seeds & Their People: All!

SeedHeads: All!

The Splendid Table: The Seeds of Flavour (Episode 655)

The Urban Farm: Jane Rabinowicz on Global Seed Work (Episode 528)

Young Agrarians Podcast Club - Hundreds of podcast episode recommendations on a range of farming and gardening topics!

Have we missed any of your favourites? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook and let us know! 

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