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BC Eco Seed Co-op on Radio Canada



Did you know the production of local seeds, is a crucial know-how for biodiversity?
Check out the piece Camille Vernet did for Radio Canada about this important topic. She talked to co-op member Chris Thoreau who shared that a
lthough BC farmers are the largest consumers of organic seeds in Canada there is no large-scale vegetable seed production in the province. The demand for local organic products is increasing, but the supply of local organic seeds is not keeping up, enter the BC Eco Seed Co-op.

"The goal was to have a community of growers who work together to produce seeds, notes Thoreau. The farmer grows the seed and passes it on to the cooperative, which takes care of the marketing, sales, packaging, shipping and everything in between". - Chris Thoreau

Read full article here (in French!). Thanks to Camille and the team at Radio Canada for focusing on this issue and how farmers like us are working to address it.

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