Thank You for Supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Thank You for Supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Wow! Over the past few months of our crowdfunding campaign, we've seen an incredible show of support from folks who see the value and power of local seeds and seed growers. We recognize that without you this would not have been possible and we are so grateful for the support and generosity you have shown us. 

A huge THANK YOU to our 170 supporters who collectively brought us to $15,395, making our dream of increasing capacity to meet the demand for BC-grown seed so much closer! This was truly a co-operative and community effort and reminds us that no one can go at it alone- collaboration and teamwork are at the foundation of what we do. Big thanks to the team at Wayblaze for providing the innovative crowdfunding and community engagement platform and all their support. 

We can't wait to share updates with you along the way and behind the scenes as we move into our new space. We’re so grateful that you’re part of our story- thank you wholeheartedly for the support!

With love and appreciation,

- The whole team here at the BC Eco Seed Co-op

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