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Organic Seeds


All seed from the BC Eco Seed Co-op is untreated, not genetically modified and ecologically-grown; additionally, some members are certified organic.

Each certified organic seed variety we carry is indicated with an "OG" in the variety name and "Certified Organic" in description. If nothing is mentioned, the seeds is not certified organic. The BC Eco Seed Co-op is certified organic by the BC Association for Regenerative Agriculture (BCARA) as a certified organic handler as part of the certification of Glorious Organics where we operate. This allows us to sell seed that our members, other certified organic growers, produce as organic. As indicated on seed packets, all organic seeds are only certified in BC.

For certified organic growers who need a copy of our certificate for their own documentation, a PDF of our most recent certificate can be found here: BC Eco Seed Co-op Organic Certification.

Members who do not carry an organic certificate are required to confirm that they have read, understood and will follow the Canadian Organic Standards to the best of their ability. These non-certified organic seeds are usually permitted for use in certified organic systems as long as there is not an organic source available for the specific variety. Please check with your own certifier to verify your exemption guidelines.

Thank you for supporting BC Eco Seed Co-op!


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