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Garlic will ship in September.

Allium sativum ophioscorodon

Type: Weakly Bolting Hardneck

Group: Turban

When to Sow: 4 weeks before soil freezes. In warmer regions, planting ranges from late September/early October until the last week of November.

Harvest Season: Very Early

Among the earliest harvested garlic, almost a month before the rest! Deep Purple is a striking variety with purple colour and stripes. As a variety of the turban group they usually have 5-7 plump cloves that form around a few smaller inner cloves. A weakly bolting hardneck, with stems not as stiff as others so a favourite for braising. The scape is often straight with little to no curve. 

Grow: Often planted last going into late fall, don't plant too early as they are quick to emerge. Not the tallest plants in the patch, but do make an impressive bulb size. Don’t forget to harvest this one on time!

Flavour: The heat profile in this group of garlic is high. So for those that enjoy a good kick in the pants then this is the one for you. Chefs have favoured this variety for roasted garlic for their charcuterie boards due to the number and arrangement of cloves. It is also the earliest to maturity, which makes it a fantastic choice for garlic lovers that just can’t wait. Check out some great garlic recipes here.

Seed specifics: ~8 cloves per bulb

Please make sure you are ready to plant some garlic this season before submitting your order.

Purchase 10 bulbs for best shipping rate per bulb! Don't forget if it's more than you need, seed garlic can also be enjoyed as culinary eating garlic

Ships in September!

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