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Allium sativum sativum

Type: Softneck

Group: Artichoke

Susanville comes from California where softneck garlic reigns king. An offshoot from a popular commercial variety. More uniform clove arrangement and development then most other artichoke varieties. Soft blush of purple colouring. Artichokes are typically large, store well and have a wide range of flavors. They are called artichokes because of the arrangement of the cloves in a bulb similar to an unopen artichoke flower.

When to Plant: 4 to 6 weeks before soil freezes. In warmer regions, planting ranges from late September/early October until the last week of November.

Season: Early

Grow: Artichoke varieties make for beautiful braids and they store very well. A softneck, they do not produce scapes.

Flavour: Mild when raw, cooked and especially when fresh (uncured). Beautiful buttery texture.

Number of cloves/bulb: 10-12

Approx. Size Range: Large (2"-2.25")


Purchase 10 bulbs for best shipping rate per bulb! Don't forget if it's more than you need, seed garlic can also be enjoyed as culinary eating garlic

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