March newsletter message from all of us at the BC Eco Seed Co-op

March newsletter message from all of us at the BC Eco Seed Co-op

As a small local business made up of farmers we, too, are following the developments of COVID-19 pandemic in and across our communities. As we all work to focus on our collective health and well-being, we’re committed to you as part of our community. We understand that as the situation continues to deepen there is a far-reaching impact on global supply chains, which grounds us in remembering the need to focus on localizing our economies and enhancing community resilience. We are mindful of the disproportionate impact this global health crisis is having and will have on farm workers and all those who labor to produce, harvest, prepare, and serve our food as well as those living with higher health risks and unequal access to health care and resources.

As many of you know Seedy Saturdays/Sundays have been cancelled and various outlets for food and seed including the co-op’s stockists are constantly shifting how business is done. Our online store remains open and if you’re looking for seed to grow or give it’s a great time to get a spring order in to help bolster local seed producers and create your own food security.

We wanted to share some spring photos from our farms (see the full newsletter here to see photos) and will keep using our social media channels of Facebook and Instagram to share the resilience and beauty of seeds and food and encourage you to tag and share your photos with us too. Whether starting seeds brings you fresh air, connection to local food security, self care, exercise, or just sparks a tiny joy at the act of seeing something as hopeful as a seed grow, we want to stay part of the community virtually. We’ll also work on adding more resources and stories to our blog in coming weeks and months. Something you want to see added? Let us know!

We know everyone has a lot to deal with right now but we’re here if you need us  and will remain as accessible as possible. Cassie, in shipping and receiving, is doing her best to get your orders out as timely as possible. We appreciate your understanding if the pace is slowed. Our coordinator, Keeley, loves answering emails at all hours so let her know where you need seed support and we’ll all be sharing and re-sharing more on our social handles. 

Sending our wishes of care and compassion, resilience and rest, fresh air and hope!

All of us at the BC Eco Seed Co-op 


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